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In Appreciation Of All Things Tin Man

Fanfiction, Art, and Video

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Tin Man FanFic,Fan-Art,and Fan-Video Appreciation

August 9th, 2009

This is an Art contest (No fanfiction)

For more information click here to site

April 17th, 2009

to the fandom....

I know we've all said it a GAZILLION times... but, seriously:

True story...Collapse )

Thank you, fandom! *sends cookies*

August 15th, 2008

(no subject)

peacock feather
I've got a tag going for my AAW posts and associated recs and squee. I'm trying not to flail at the same author twice, and so far I've had no repeats and two days left. I may be able to pull it off \o/

♥ to everyone, of course. So much love for this fandom!

August 14th, 2008

Thank You

TM Together
Ok, I have to admit,w hen it comes to Tin Man fics, I'm addicted. And it's all because the authors here are such WONDERFULY TALENTED writers. 

So this is a general thanks to EVERYONE who is an author of Tin Man fics. Without you, I don't know how I'd survive the day. Really I don't. 

A huge  Thank you!  goes out to the following moderators who allowed me to post my many AAW annoucements.  Without them I would not have been able to get my tiny little idea spread across the fandom.

(A thousand apologies if I have missed anyone!)
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Second things first: THANK YOU to penny_hill for organzing this whole thing. You rock. So totally, Squirt. :) *hugs*

First things second...Collapse )

Keepers of Erin's Eternal DevotionCollapse )

Keepers of the Evil PlotbunniesCollapse )

Keepers of the CRACK!Collapse )

Keepers of the Inside JokesCollapse )

Keepers of Getting Erin to Drop Everything Because They Posted SomethingCollapse )

Keepers of They Must Be Insane for Having Me Beta for ThemCollapse )

Who I Miss MostCollapse )

One Last FAWNINGCollapse )
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Thanks To!

Thank you authors for your contributions to fanfiction and to the various communities!  Without you, the Tin Man fandom would not be as much fun.

To autumn_whispers:  Another author that I just discovered from tinman_fic.  I enjoyed reading her little DG/Cain story, "Speechless" even though I'm not a DG/Cain shipper.   

To avari_maethor:  Who I just discovered in the  glitch_wyattcommunity.  Her story, "Rubbed the Wrong Way" is very cute.  :)

To erinm_4600:  Who not only writes a plethora of fanfiction, but makes amazing Caingerbread, and welcomes all who passes through.

To lizzelda:  Upon reading her fic in tinman_fic, "Drifting", I lit the Tiki Torch of Veneration.  My God!  I'm still awestruck!

To diesa_j:  Who writes her own amazing work and has followed my story thru fic and thin.

To velara:  The budding author and community moderator.  I am so glad that after checking out my story on fanfiction.net, you came here to join the Tin Man family.

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This was totally unplanned and unscheduled.... an impulsive thought in its purest form.  *which scares the bejeebers out of me*

Welcome to tm_thanks, a community born out of AAW (Author Appreciation Week).

Feel free to post your public notes of appreciation here.  Normal community posting rules apply (i.e. play nice).

This community is a work-in-progress and all comments and suggestions are appreciated.

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